An Opportunity Lost

I believe art is the highest form of human flourishing expressed, so from time to time I will share some of my art here. I am a hopeful romantic, and my art will reflect that. Poetry is one of my favorite forms, so I give you a poem:

An opportunity lost?

What was I thinking?

Your pretty face,

My heart was sinking.

I saw your smile,

No sense was I keeping.

An opportunity lost?

Why didn’t I speak?

What can I say,

My constitution was weak.

In that moment I doubted,

My outcome got bleak.

An opportunity lost?

Please heaven forgive!

To see you again,

What wouldn’t I give?

Yours is a face,

That makes a man want to live!

An opportunity lost?

I refuse to believe!

Please God I beg you,

Grant me reprieve!

And if I see her again,

In you I might believe.

An opportunity lost?

I will not let it be so!

I’ll find you again,

And this poem I’ll show,

And on to our future,

Together we shall go.

An opportunity lost?

I will not regret,

We locked eyes for a moment,

I will never forget.

I will hope for future moments,

We have yet to beget.

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