Ah, Sweet Anarchy

Ah, sweet anarchy,

How glorious are thee!

Basking in the virtues

Of freedom and liberty!

Asking that I make choices

Only for me!

Ah, sweet anarchy,

How righteous though art!

Establishing equality of opportunity,

Right from the start,

Asking that each individual

Play only his part.

Ah, sweet anarchy,

How noble are you!

Not limiting yourself,

Only for a few,

And universalizing ethics,

That you do too!

Ah, sweet anarchy,

Thou art so just!

Compelling us to action

Because you know we must,

It is within our own resolve,

You teach us to trust.

Ah, sweet anarchy,

How you fill me with hope!

For the glory of humanity

Is no boring trope!

And if you were a woman,

We would surely elope!

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